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        Alexander was just 18 when he became the King of Macedonia in 336 B.C.He took over a powerful army especially a well-educated infantry regiment.Alexander who had worked hard to keep the West side of his country for two years immediately turned his attention to the East.

        It was the spring months of 334 B.C.In the middle of May when he reached Güleç village between Pegai and Priapos,The Adresteya plain was lying under his feet.Priapos City capitulated  without showing no resistance.While he was putting his army into a battle order near the Granikos River where the Çınarköprü Village located now,Persian Emperor Daryus’s army had already took battle order and waiting for almost a week.

When Alexander took his place in the West of Granikos River from the point that Gümüşçay brook joins to the river,the army of Daryus and his commenders deployed just opposite the river.Daryus didn’t commendthe battle byhimself but he sent  his satraps.The region was located in Hellas Pantos  Firikia.Sardes Region,Capadocia and Kilikia satraps contended the battle individually.

          Alexander stood on the right wing as the head of cavalrymen and also on rigth of them the archers protecting him was located.On the left of  Alexander’s real power flanxes and on the left of flanxes the cavalarymen were located.

           Alexander deployed his army in the noon and in the afternoon he attacked without resting and hestitation but of course with the confidence coming from the protection of the archers,he rode his horse into the river and he crossed The Granikos River.It was an unexpected action.

  Seeing this trick Daryus commenders and his army disordered their battle tactic and made an attack on Alexander for a short and easy result. Alexander was battling with Daryus’s commender man to man.He cut one’s face into pieces,his lance was broken and at the moment that an enemy commender was about to kill Alexander,Keytyas,his foster brother broke the enemy’s arm off.

           Actually,one of destiny moments  was being lived.Maybe the history was being written.If a wild arrow hit him or any sword impact he had,maybe history would have never wriiten about the invincible conquerer of the east.In the Granikos Battle,enemy commenders’ death and meanwhile crossing the river harmlessly  revealed  the result of the battle obviously.

       15 commenders,1000 cavalarymen and thousands of infanties of Persian army was destroyed there.Meanwhile, altough 1500 Greek stipendiarians capitulated,they were killed by Alexander,only  a few of them were sent to Macedonia as prisoners to the mines.

      By the Granikos Battle,Alexander became ‘’ Alexander The Great’’ and htere was no power to resist him from Granikos to.The Gates of Asia were wide open for him.

     This time,Dayrus took him serious and commended his army himself  individually.But in 333 B.C,Dayrus  defeated in Issos Battle again and all his kingdom was captured even though he could escape.

     After Issos victory,Alexander The Great,attacked Egypt and Egypt fell.Shortly after he arrived Libya and was welcomed  as the son of Zeus in a city called’’Şiva’’

     After the conquest of Egypt,Alexander establishing the city of Alexandria,turned his rote to the North again and then to the east.

     Alexander battled with Dayrus third time in aplace called Gaugamela nearby Erbil.He won a victory one more time and shortly after he conquered Babel.But Dayruıs accomplised to escape again.

    He went after Dayrus escaping towards Hazar Sea,Alexander approached him one day distance.Dayrus’s men got Dayrus injured deathly and Alexander found him while he was about to die.Finally Dayrus died in arms of Alexander The Great in a way.

   Alexander The Great turned his eyes to Mevaraünnehir,he faught with Sakas and defeated them up side down.He joined the famaus Saka horse back archers to his army and he married with Saka Princess Roxanne.

Alexander walking towards India from here,he had his last great battle with Indian King in 328 B.C and he won again.But unfortunatelly,he lost his famous horse Bukafellos here and he established a city  for the memory of his horse.

  His army came out aganist Alexander The Great intenting to go on toEast and he walked down Indian Ocean by following Indus River.After hard and long deset journies,Alexander coming Persia and Babel out of Pakistan,He got sick in324 B.C. in his 30s and after a short term sickness he passed away.He didn’t leave any heir while he was going to eternity.

      When he was asked about who supposed to reaise the throne,he said indistincly ‘’The one who is the best’’

    Though commenders decided that Roxanne’s child supposed to reign the country,a couple of mounths later,the whole lands of him were shared in a very pathetically way.


      Alexander’s death body was mummified and put in a huge sarcaphagus to be reached to Macedonia.But on the way ,Egypt governer Potelemaios arrested funeral in immediate vicinity of Syria he brought it to Alexandrie.The body of Alexander was put into a magnificiant mausoleum.The mausoleum opened to Kings of Rome for visiting during centuries fell out of favour by the progress of Christianity and it was plundered and destroyed with that famous Alexandria library….

   The Asia journey of Great conqurer of the East which started in Biga (Pegai) ended in a pitiful way in Egypt.

Let’s meet Mounted Arehery tournament and convivial Which will take place at Granikos combat zone in Biga / Çanakkale –Turkey on August 15-16-17


 District Governer of Biga

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